Get Free 4G Data For Your Nexus 7 Tablet (or iPad) With FreedomPop

Google charges a $100 premium for the Nexus 7 model that connects to AT&T’s network. Apple charges $130 more to get an iPad that connects to Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon. Yikes. How’s free sound instead? Yes, please.

Here’s the deal: FreedomPop will loan you a 4G hotspot ($99 deposit) and give you 500MB of free monthly data. More data costs real money (2GB for $18). The catch is that they currently utilize Clearwire’s 4G network which is only available in some urban areas. Sprint’s LTE network will get added into the mix in 2013. Sounds like a fair trade-off for a $99 deposit device. I want one.

The hotspot is the device to get because it’ll work with anything that connects to WiFi and can be shared. There’s also a USB stick and an iPod sleeve, but I’d pass on both those — they’re too dedicated.

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