Why the StraightTalk “unlimited” data cap is complicated.

What’s the data cap on StraightTalk’s unlimited plan? Such a simple question. Such a difficult answer. It’s complicated. Here’s why.

See, StraightTalk uses both the T-Mobile and the AT&T network depending on the subscriber’s phone compatibility. I’m a StraightTalk AT&T user. Love the service, but how much data do I get? I don’t really know

Unlike other MVNO providers that only use one network, using two makes things more complicated. T-Mobile is wonderfully loose with their data plans. Their $30 unlimited data plan gives you 4G speeds for up to 5GB a month. StraightTalk’s unlimited plan is $45 — 50% more — so they probably love selling customers cheap T-Mobile data. Meanwhile, AT&T is notoriously stingy with their data allocation. Red Pocket Mobile uses the the AT&T network and their top plan only provides 1GB of data and is $55. StraightTalk’s margins on AT&T’s network are probably a lot thinner. And that’s what makes the answer to how much data you get complicated.

So it depends. I’d guess their “unlimited” ceiling is around 1-2GB on AT&T and a lot higher on T-Mobile. But try to explain that to customers and it’s easy to see why they’d rather say nothing.

UPDATE: StraightTalk and AT&T seem to be having a bit of a tiff. The AT&T SIM option is getting tougher to come by and is no longer available on the Straight Talk website. Looking for an alternative? Check out Red Pocket Mobile. If you’re in Houston, Orlando, and Tampa, check out Aio Wireless.


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